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We just finish one turn-key project in South Asia:

2 x 358 T + auxiliary machines


2.5 x 100 mm with 160 cavities

3 x 150 mm with 120 cavities

4 x 200 mm with 80 cavities

4.8 x 250 mm with 40 cavities

4.8 x 300 mm with 32 cavities

The cycle time is between 10 -13 seconds

During our visit, we provide:

  1. The formula of the cable tie to the client to improve their production and save their cost;
  2. Advice of the production;
  3. Mold uninstall and install, so that they may handle the base mold problem;
  4. Training for all the equipment.

During the 5 days stay of working together, we try to teach them as more as possible. Their team had managed the production successfully.

They have learned very well, thanks for all the team and the trust of our client.

Production video available: